Devastated Family Transformed Their Dead Pet Dog’s Fur Into A Rug To Preserve Forever

There are different opinions about pet taxidermy as some people find it horrifying, while some others think that it is an appreciation for what the pet had done to their owners. This story speaks about a family from Australia who decided to transform their dead dog pet into a rug!

The family hired a company that is dedicated to the taxidermy of pet and wild animals called Taxidermy to do what they want. Maddy, the owner of the company, shared a video on the company’s Instagram of the family’s Golden Retriever turning into a rug!

You can see in the video below different feelings as some people were not able to accept or bear the idea, while some others celebrated having their dead pet with them forever. The video went viral and has got many different opinions since it has been shared.

Some find the whole idea disgusting, while some others believe that it is a great way to appreciate what your pet had done to you. What do you think?! Watch the video below.

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