Despite being exhausted, the beloved pet dog steadfastly refused to leave its owner who was gasping for breath. Both of them passed away only 90 minutes apart.

Despite being exhausted, the beloved pet dog steadfastly refused to leave its owner who was gasping for breath. Both of them passed away only 90 minutes apart.

Recently, a young American man shared a story about the relationship between his father and their beloved pet dog on his personal page, which garnered significant attention from the community. Although over a year has passed since the incident occurred, he has now decided to recount the story, and it has moved many people to tears.

The story revolves around Mr. Hove Daniel, who used to serve in the United States Air Force but had to resign due to a severe illness related to his pancreas. Throughout his treatment, Mr. Hove never felt lonely because he had his family by his side taking care of him.

However, there was another companion who stood by Mr. Hove throughout his journey, and that was his cherished dog, Gunner. Gunner became a tremendous source of spiritual support for Mr. Hove during his nine-year battle with the illness.

When Mr. Hove stayed at the treatment facility, Gunner would always accompany him and never leave his side. While Mr. Hove received chemotherapy, Gunner would curl up in the hospital room, lying beneath the bed and waiting.

Mr. Hove’s family was concerned that the beloved dog might catch a cold by lying on the floor, so they prepared a small bed for Gunner to sleep right beside his owner.

The bond between Mr. Hove and his pet dog was so strong that even when he felt terrible, Gunner’s spirits would also decline. Heather Nicoletti, Mr. Hove’s daughter, told Kare 11 news, “When my dad is struggling, the dog is struggling. If my dad is not at peace, the dog is not at peace. If my dad is not responsive, Gunner won’t be either.”

The two were together for 9 years. As Mr. Hove’s condition worsened over time, Gunner also grew weaker and older.

Family members gradually noticed Gunner’s decreased mobility, and after taking him to the veterinarian for an examination, they discovered that the dog had a leg condition that could potentially cause paralysis. In the future, Gunner could face both physical and emotional pain.

Shortly after, Gunner became unable to leave his hospital bed. The doctors immediately informed the family that he wouldn’t be able to fight for long and hoped that loved ones could be by his side during his remaining time.

Finally, Gunner took his last breath, forever parting from Mr. Hove. However, what brought comfort to the entire family was that Gunner passed away peacefully and gently.

The story continued with a surprising turn of events. Just 90 minutes after Gunner’s passing, everyone received shocking news that Mr. Hove didn’t survive an illness either. His son wrote, “We knew they would go together. They were best friends until the end. Gunner couldn’t live without him, and I think he chose to go with him.”

Though the Hove family was deeply saddened by the loss of both important family members at the same time, they felt fortunate that until the very last moment of his life, Mr. Hove could be accompanied by his loyal dog.

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