Depressed Dog Cries All Day After The Injured Bird He Saved Heals & Flies Away

While out on his regular stroll, Milo the Staffy-Blue Heeler mix discovered a terribly hurt bird. To his surprise, it was actually a gorgeous pink Galah cockatoo! Immediately protective of the small injured creature, he brought it home and implored his family to attend to its desperate need for assistance.

Source (Screenshot) credit: TheDodo – YouTube


Naming the cockatoo Cracker, the family provided him a safe space to heal. Milo stood vigil throughout each day, offering solace as Cracker slowly recovered from his injuries. Over time, an unbreakable bond was created between pet and bird!

Source (Screenshot) credit: TheDodo – YouTube


The family was elated to observe Milo and Cracker’s blooming bond. The large size discrepancy made it appear as though their cuddling sessions were hazardous, yet the family eventually accepted their unlikely companionship! The pooch and parakeet would wander around the house jointly; spending time together in all sorts of activities.

After Cracker healed completely, he refused to leave due to his attachment towards Milo. One day though, the bird suddenly flew away without warning – leaving Milo utterly distraught and tearful. He mourned for weeks in front of the vacant cage while desperately searching for a glimpse of Cracker’s feathers; but sadly with no success.

Source (Screenshot) credit: TheDodo – YouTube


Just when Milo had abandoned all hope, an incredible turn of events occurred! Two weeks after his beloved Cracker fluttered away from home, somebody found him. When they returned the bird to its companion, it was obvious that Cracker felt just as miserable during their separation. Believe us – this is one of the sweetest things we’ve witnessed in some time. What a mystical bond between two friends! ❤️ 

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