Deaf And Blind Puppy Uses Her Superpower To Dig For Buried Treasure

A breeder dumped her because she’s blind and deaf, but her “disability” is what makes her so incredibly special.

Nellie, an adorable puppy, was abandoned by her breeder due to being deaf and blind. Despite this, she is an incredibly resilient little girl who has adapted well to her condition. Her foster parents are amazed at how she navigates the world, with her sharp sense of smell helping her along the way. Nellie is a happy and playful pup who loves to run and snuggle with her new doggy friends.

Nellie’s foster parents are careful not to move things around so she doesn’t get confused, and her veterinarian has reassured them that she is used to her condition and doesn’t know any different. To Nellie, she’s just a normal pup, even though we all know she’s truly exceptional.

Nellie’s veterinarian assured her foster parents that she is used to her condition and doesn’t know any different. Her foster mom says, “She’s never known any different, so she thinks she’s normal.” But we all know she’s not “normal”; she’s exceptional! The breeder may have thought she was trash, but she is far from it!

Despite her rough start in life, Nellie is a little warrior who loves to dig around for treasures using her nose as her superpower. She is still looking for her forever home, but there’s no doubt that she will find the perfect family to give her all the love and care she deserves.

Prepare to fall in love with this little hero; she’s simply too cute for words! A special thanks to all the amazing fosters out there who take care of pups like Nellie.

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