Couple Sets Up Camera, Catches Cat Comforting Their Distressed Dog

A couple adopted a cat named Kelvin and a dog named Joule. Like any parents, they wanted their ‘kids’ to get along, but they never imagined a scenario like this!


Joule is an adorable pup. She suffered from anxiety when her parents left for work. Concerned about her well-being, her parents set up a hidden camera to check on her. They were floored by what they saw! Kelvin sensed the dog’s struggles and made it his mission to comfort her. The cat began to jump up on the chair and snuggle up to Joule. He’d nudge himself into her body and find the perfect spot to give her the warmth and contentment she craved.


Once Joule understood that Kelvin would be there for her once her parents walked out the door, her anxiety lessened. She’s now confident it will be okay while her parents are away. The animals’ bond strengthened, and they even cuddle when their parents are home. To see the hidden camera footage, and witness all the cuteness you can imagine, check out the video below.

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