Chained dog begs woman not to take her last puppy away

She guarded her baby with her life. He was all she had left.

A man who reported a small dog named Busya chained up and guarding a house surrounded by rubbish. Sergey phoned the dog’s owner, requesting to surrender Busya, but he was not home, and the rescuers agreed to come back the next day. When they arrived, the dog’s owner informed them that the chained-up mother recently had four puppies, but they drowned all the female pups and kept the male. This was despicable!

When one of the rescuers kneeled down to meet Busya, she was grateful for their arrival. However, when the rescuer placed her last surviving puppy on her lap, Busya cried, unsure whether the woman would hurt him. The puppy was her last baby, and she protected him with her life. Eventually, Busya gave in, and the rescuers carried both dogs to their vehicle. They named the puppy Buddy.

Now it was time for the vet to conduct a thorough examination of both Busya and Buddy. They were both incredibly sweet dogs! To learn more about their story and how you can adopt them, as they are still searching for their forever home.

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