Burglar Fails Attempt to Break-In Due to ‘Scary & Vicious’ Guard Dog

As soon as a burglar stumbled upon the deserted backyard of this home, he immediately thought this was his fortunate day. However, what initially seemed like an effortless burglary opportunity swiftly became something “sinister” for him. This security camera footage captures how one family’s tenacious dog made things complicated for the thief — and it is absolutely awe-inspiring!

Source (Screenshot) credit: Lamarmy via YouTube


As the intruder casts an eye around the backyard for a potential way into the house, he moves to the end of it and takes extra time to look for signs that someone is home. When all appears clear, he plots his scheme of thievery – little does he know that two watchful eyes are following every step!

Source (Screenshot) credit: Lamarmy via YouTube


The thief bravely strides into the house, only to flee in a frenzied rush within seconds. His desperate dash is one of desperation as he desperately scrambles over the fence and escapes! It’s now clear that this hapless criminal had an unfavorable interaction with the family’s “gigantic and intimidating” pet dog! 😏

Source (Screenshot) credit: Lamarmy via YouTube


As the thief cowardly scurries away, a surprising scene unfolds. Out comes a “fearsome” family dog, patrolling his land with courageous barks of honor – proud to have scared off the nefarious intruder. But this tale has an additional twist that will leave you enthralled! You’re going to want to watch this one. Thankfully, it was ALL caught on camera!

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