Boy Born With Birth Defects Melts Hearts After Showing His Dog That He Can Walk

A 2-year-old boy called Roman was diagnosed when his mama was twenty weeks pregnant with him with spina bifida. So, to improve the functional movement he would have in his legs after he was born and to improve breathing issues, he underwent a surgery.

 Adam Dinkel and Whitney Dinkel, Roman’s parents, said that they were told that Roman had a chance that he would not manage to walk. On 5th of May of 2016, with the help of physical therapy and chiropractic, Roman was born. When he was one year old, he started using a walker. When Roman became 2 years old, he took it to his own and started taking his first step by himself.

You can hear Roman in the video telling his puppy Look, Maggie! I am walking. The video went viral directly getting millions of views with thousands of likes and comments. Many people commented that Roman is a real warrior as he did a great job. Watch the video below.

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