Big Sister Tightly Holds Her Brother So She Can Help His Seizures Go Away

Mia, a kind woman, decided to adopt a dog called Tido after seeing him living inside a depressing cage, that was dark and filthy. Once Tido was home he met Sola, Mia’s other dog. Since then, they both became great friends as they do not leave each other’s side.

Tido was only a puppy when he was adopted and he was in desperate need of a mama, and that’s exactly what Sola did. One day, Mia took Tido to the vet after having his 1st seizure and she knew that he has canine distemper. Mia was very devastated as Tido’s chance of survival was only 5%, according to the vet


Due to his treatment, Tido and Sola had to be separated, Tido stayed in the room and Sola, who was very heartbroken, waited outside.

Sola never left the room’s door as she knew that Tido needed her. One day, Tido had another seizure, so, Sola held him tight to let the seizures go away. How touchy! Watch the video below.

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