Big Dog Shows Up To Stranger’s House For Help And Turns The Porch Red

Upon receiving a distress text about an injured pooch, JoAnn Wiltz rushed to the scene. The pup was found staggering on the porch of a kindhearted individual, and he had visible wounds that bled profusely.. Despite his pain and fear, this trusting canine stayed with Ernesto until assistance arrived. Hope For Paws knew they needed to get him out of harm’s way for proper medical care as soon as possible!

When presented with a delicious cheeseburger by his rescuer, the gentle giant seemed to instantly forget all of his trauma and soreness. He was then cautiously taken to a car so he could be brought to CARES for necessary medical treatment.

Source (Screenshot) credit: Hope For Paws – YouTube


JoAnn affectionately dubbed him Hippo due to his massive size, but he was surprisingly docile with everyone that he met. During his checkups, it was discovered that the poor pup had been struck by a car and suffered from road burn; fortunately for him though, there were no broken bones.

Source (Screenshot) credit: Hope For Paws – YouTube


A cool, soothing bubble bath to help him relax and reduce his panting was in order. Following the bath, he made his way off to LA Animal Rescue for fostering and rehabilitation.

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