Baby Moose Approaches Soldier In Woods, And He Realized It’s Trying To Attract His Attention

A soldier in the Estonian Defence Forces called Prikko Erich Jyri was recently with his unit at the largest lake of Estonia, Lake Võrtsjärv. While being there, the soldier wanted to find an alternative bathroom in the woods, when he was accompanied with unexpected ‘guest’.

At first, Prikko thought that it was dog running towards him after hearing a noise, but after the creature got close, Prikko was shocked to see a baby moose! It was obvious that the baby moose lost the track of his mother. So, Prikko did not want to frighten it, and sat still.

The baby moose was curious and cautious at first, but when it found that Prikko was very friendly, it started sniffing him! It even started licking him! So, the soldier knew that it was hungry and looking for breast milk.

Being unable to help it himself, Prikko called the veterinary office of the military and asked what he could do to help it. They told him that they would send an expert to help the animal.

Thankfully, the baby moose was fed with milk, and reunited with its family. Thanks to soldier Prikko, who did the best thing, that really helped the moose.

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