An 18-year-old cat asks a man to take him home, and now, at the age of 20, he continues to thrive.

Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary and Adoption Centers, located in Arlington, Washington, rescued an 18-year-old cat from a public shelter to give him a chance at a better life. This tuxedo cat was surrendered to the shelter when his previous owner could no longer care for him.

Despite his age, this sweet senior cat displayed incredible resilience and quickly won the hearts of the staff and volunteers. Described as a “classy little pocket kitty,” he sports a stylish tuxedo coat with white mittens. Being mellow and adaptable, he handles whatever life brings his way with grace. Purrfect Pals began their search for the perfect home for this deserving senior cat, one where he could feel safe and comfortable, lounging around, snoozing, and enjoying his golden years.

“Cats like him belong in homes with people to call their own, sunshine to warm their bones, and soft places to lay their heads,” emphasized Purrfect Pals. They firmly believe that no shelter can compare to the warmth and love of a true forever home.

Tim Adams, who already had a senior cat of his own, was deeply moved by Sammy’s story and instantly fell in love. He acknowledged that senior pets are often overlooked for adoption but decided to visit Sammy at the adoption center. When Tim approached Sammy, who was sitting alone and appeared a bit downcast, the tuxedo cat perked up and developed an immediate liking for him. “Sammy rubbed his face on my hands over and over. He bonded with me right away,” Tim shared. “I knew I would be taking him home.”

At 18 years old, Sammy had some chronic medical conditions that required a specific diet, but this did not discourage Tim, whose own cat had similar special needs. Sammy bid farewell to shelter life and moved into his new forever home. In the initial days, he clung to his human dad, following him around the house. Whenever given the opportunity, Sammy would curl up in Tim’s lap or wrap his arms around him, cherishing their time together.

The affectionate senior cat truly flourished in his forever home, relishing in the abundance of cuddles he received. Tim would wake up to the delightful sensation of a purring kitty nestled in his arms each morning, while Sammy found solace and comfort on Tim’s lap, making it his favorite spot for napping. Sporting a tuxedo coat, Sammy possesses a unique purr that harmoniously blends purrs and chirps, creating a symphony of contentment. Whenever Sammy is treated to chin rubs, he instantly activates his purr motor, joyfully rumbling with pure bliss.

While Sammy may not be a vocal communicator, he masterfully tugs at his human’s heartstrings with his adorable silent meows. Nothing brings him greater happiness than spending quality one-on-one time with his beloved human. “He is gentle, patient, and incredibly affectionate,” Tim affectionately shared with Love Meow. “His favorite pastimes include basking in the warm sunlight or curling up in my lap.”

Sammy, the nonverbal communicator, possesses a talent for tugging at his human’s heartstrings with his endearing silent meow. There’s nothing that brings him greater joy than enjoying some quality one-on-one time with his beloved dad. “He is gentle, patient, and incredibly affectionate,” Tim expressed to Love Meow. “His favorite activities include lounging in the warm sunlight or curling up in my lap.”

The tuxedo cat recently celebrated a remarkable milestone as he turned 20 years old in May. To commemorate this special occasion, Tim threw a celebration for his best friend by creating a cake filled with Sammy’s favorite cat food and treats. After indulging to his heart’s content, Sammy nestled up to his loving human before purring himself into a peaceful slumber.

Throughout the past two incredible years, Sammy has proven to be Tim’s most loyal companion and expert lap warmer. His presence fills the house with sweet purrs and chirps, and he never runs out of cuddles to offer. The cuddle bug is immensely happy and content, knowing he has found a place to call his own and a forever human to spend his retirement with.

“I would encourage others to take the chance and adopt senior pets. You’re likely to welcome the sweetest, most loving, and most grateful pet you’ve ever had. Sammy may require some extra care, but I am more than happy to provide it for him,” Tim shared with Love Meow, emphasizing the joy and fulfillment that comes with caring for a senior pet.

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