Abandoned Dog Began To Look Like A “Wookie” After 2-Years Alone On The Streets

After being abandoned in the deserts of Southern California, Abby, a 4-year-old Poodle mix-terrier was living wild. The experience traumatized her so much that she became weary of humans. Fortunately, there was a kind woman living in a mobile home park nearby who took care of her and fed her regularly.

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Hope For Paws via YouTube Video

Because she is a long-haired breed, Abby’s fur gradually began to form dreadlock-like clumps. The woman who cared for Abby noticed that the poor dog’s vision was obstructed by the matted layers around her eyes. Realizing that Abby’s life was in danger on the streets, she begged the rescue group “Hope For Paws” to help her.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Hope For Paws via YouTube Video

Abby panicked helplessly when she saw the rescuers coming to get her. The rescuers tried coaxing her to come to them, but she had no faith in humans anymore.

It was quite the challenge to rescue Abby, a girl who was very nervous and had eyesight problems caused by a gigantic matted growth. But in the end, the rescuers were able to calm her down and snip off the problem.

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Hope For Paws via YouTube Video

When Abby saw that the kind people coming to help her only meant good, she lost all her fear instantly and welcomed them. She was a sweetheart as they took her to the shelter for grooming and bathing session.

The end of this video is rewarding because it shows Abby’s transformation from a scared, filthy dog to a loving pet. It’s amazing to see her reaction when she sees one of her rescuers for the first time after emerging from all that fur!

Click the video below to watch Abby’s journey to a new happier life! ❤️


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