A dog’s owner leaves it and seals its eyes with glue, intentionally preventing it from finding its way back home.

After examining the dog, veterinarians confirmed that her eyes had been shut using glue

According to a report by Mirror, a heartless owner abandoned their dog by dumping it in a sewer. To make matters worse, the owner glued the dog’s eyes shut, preventing it from finding its way back home.

A local resident, Carlos, discovered the dog’s plight in Barrancabermeja, Colombia and rushed her to a nearby clinic for treatment. Veterinarians confirmed the use of glue on the dog’s eyelids and speculated that the owner did it to prevent the dog from following them home.

The dog tried to open its eyes and ended up developing an eye infection from scratching them with its paws. It took three days for the vets to carefully remove the glue, but the damage was already done. Zoraida Santiago, an animal activist, emphasized the precision needed to treat the sensitive eyes of the dog. “While trying to get rid of the glue, the vet realized that its eyes had been glued, and she caused an infection,” he said.

It is thought that it may take 4 months for the healing to be complete. Antibiotics are currently being provided to the abandoned dog and she is going through a number of tests to see if there are other conditions that need to be treated.

Carlos not only rescued the little pooch, he decided to take her home. The former owner has not been identified but many are outraged over what was done and have taken to Twitter to voice their anger. User @Yvonne Russell wrote: The same should be done to them when they are found. Another @bobblackers wrote: Please give me 5 mins, a hammer, and some superglue, in a closed room with whoever did this… @janisbonada commented: Wtf! This makes me so angry and upset. The person responsible should be tortured in the same manner.

The dog was offered a home by other kind individuals and they all appreciate how kind Carlos is. @Firstplacelast offered: I happily take this dog in if its looking for a home. Then there was Ally who appreciatively posted: This is completely heartbreaking and beyond belief. Poor cherub. So glad he has been rescued.


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