6 Yrs In Crate Couldn’t Prepare Dog For Goody In Woman’s Hand

A dog named Angelica spent 6 years living inside a crate. She never experienced what life was like outside in a yard or cuddling up with her favorite human. She had no contact with the dogs around her that were also caged. It was truly heart-wrenching. 

Source Screenshot: TheDodo – YouTube


Finally, a rescue group, Knine Rescue Inc, was called to the scene. They were in awe (and disgust) when they saw how Angelica and her doggy friends had been living. They took the dogs and did all they could to get them as healthy as possible so they could find loving forever homes.

Angelica needed time, however, to build up the strength in her back legs. She spent too much time in that awful crate to use her body properly. Thankfully, her recovery went smoothly. 


Source Screenshot: TheDodo – YouTube


One of the rescuers decided Angelica had earned a special outing. She had never been in a car before nor had anything planned for just her. The rescuer approaches a place filled with delicious smells… and Angelica perks right up! What follows is amazing!


Source Screenshot: TheDodo – YouTube

Angelica’s story just keeps getting better! The video is the best thing you’ll see all day. We are so grateful for Knine Resuce Inc and all the wonderful people out there who continue to battle animal neglect. Now, Angelica, go live your best life! You deserve it!

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