Woman Sees Homeless Man Pushing Cart Full Of Stray Dogs, Stops To Ask His Story

Steve, a resident of California, was evicted from his home in 2001. But during his darkest hours, the devastated man comforted himself with the company of abandoned canines that were likewise lonely and homeless. He began spending a significant portion of his minimal income on feeding and caring for all the homeless canines in his area.


Image/Story Source Credit: Rio Vergini/Facebook


He constructed a makeshift vehicle using a bicycle and a shopping cart to transport his animal family with him. But, as fortune would have it, he was on the road once again.


Image/Story Source Credit: Rio Vergini/Facebook


When a woman named Alicia saw Steve cycling his doggie cart on the freeway, she was perplexed. She initially disregarded him but had no choice but to assist when she noticed that he was near exhaustion. Alicia was beyond shocked when she heard Steve’s endearing story, and she immediately made it her mission to find help for him and his 11 dogs!


Image/Story Source Credit: Rio Vergini/Facebook


Alicia reached out to several local animal welfare organizations and informed them of Steve’s situation. Everyone was moved by the homeless guy’s genuine devotion to his dogs. They persuaded the man to leave camping outside and temporarily relocated him to a pet-friendly hotel.


Image/Story Source Credit: Rio Vergini/Facebook


The fundraiser campaign was met with a tremendous response, as hundreds of individuals pitched in to assist Steve care for his dogs. Within a few days, thanks to the generous contributions, the rescuers were able to get Steve’s dogs the medical treatment they required.


Image/Story Source Credit: Rio Vergini/Facebook


Poor Steve had a hard time believing that all the kindness bestowed on him was real. He was completely caught off guard when the rescuers bought him his very own trailer to make sure he and his dogs never stay homeless again. After living a deprived life for decades, Steve has finally found his fairytale happy ending with his dogs. Click the video below to see how Steve’s devotion to his dogs turned his life around after years of neglect and abuse.


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