Woman Saves And Adopts Abandoned Dog At New York City Subway Station.

New York people can send photos of useful items or furniture that are spotted after being tossed out in hopes to get them to someone in need to “NYC Free at the Curb”, an Instagram account that is a handy public service.

The Instagram account recently posted a photo it received about a sad-looking and confused dog, who was tied in a subway station with a rope! The photo was seen by Heather Hamm, who wasted no time even if it was night, and rushed to pick the dog up!

She took him to a veterinary clinic to be checked up, and to check if he had a microchip. With no microchip found, Hamm decided to adopt the dog, who was named Peaches, permanently.

No one knows how it ended up with the dog tied up there, but now, we all know that New York is full of kind people.

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