Woman Finds Sick Gecko  In Park And Helps It To Complete Recovery

Recently, a user on TikTok called Ellen Rutz shared a clip to show people how a little love can change animals’ life. The video shows the woman taking care of an abandoned gecko, and nursed it back to be healthy again.

The gecko was found by her sister in a local park, and directly called her as she had no idea what to do. Rutz told her to get it home. It was obvious that the gecko had gone through bad times as it was in poor condition and shape.

As no open veterinary clinic was open as it was weekend, Rutz decided to take care of the animal herself. After eating and drinking water, the animal started getting stronger. She then brought a tank to make him a part of the family.

She named the gecko, who started getting his color and energy back after being nursed continuously, Leo. The video went viral directly getting more than 20 million views and hundreds of thousands of comments! Many people praised her work.

The gecko is now the pet animal of Rutz, and he is having a great life with her. How awesome!

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