Woman Comes Across Two Furry Babies Outside Empty House While Walking

2 little pups were spotted running around the perimeter of an abandoned house by Ashley, a TikToker, who was out for a walk with her dog. It seemed that the puppies were scared and panicked as if they were running from someone, but no one was around!

In a video on TikTok, Ashley said that she was very scared and worried that something bad would happen to the pups while she went home to put Edi, her dog, there. The house has been unoccupied for a while, said Ashley as she used to walk in the same route. Anyway, she looked from the window and knocked on the door just in case.

However, she was able to take the pups, who seemed to be abandoned there with her home. Once they arrived home, she gave them a bath and food, and since then Ashley and her dog have been caring of them. The puppies were named Panko and Tempura, and they will go to the vet later this week.

Ashley said that Panko would trade kisses for chin rubs as he is very affectionate, while Tempura is just mischievous as he always steals any toy Edi is playing with. Ashley contacted the local shelter and sent them the pictures of the puppies and where she found them in case if someone was looking for them.

Unfortunately, no one contacted the shelter which means that no one will be looking for them anymore. So, she decided to foster them until she finds them a forever home. Watch the video below.

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@minnylol Edi and i talked about it she isnt mad just dissapointed. 😭 #puppies #lostdogs #rescue ♬ original sound – Ashley


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