Wheelchair Tumbles into Lake, But 81-Year-old is Saved From Drowning By His Dog’s Barking

An 81-year-old man and his dog were on their morning walk around the lake when he lost control of his electric wheelchair. Soon, he was nearly drowning—but, ‘man’s best friend’ jumped into action.

Harry Smith’s electric wheelchair lost traction in the mulch which caused him to slide down the bank and flip off his wheelchair into water in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Mr. Smith needed help as he could not swim and struggled to stay afloat.

Knowing his owner was in trouble, Sarah Jane began barking like crazy—which alerted 2 bystanders across the street.

Edward Suhling and his friend Jacob rushed over to the lake and flagged down a local police officer.

When Officer Doty arrived, he saw Smith submerged up to his neck in the water.

The 2 bystanders and Officer Doty worked together to pull him out of the water and up the bank. Fortunately, he was healthy enough to return home.

His electric wheelchair was damaged from tumbling into the water, so the first responders pushed him back to his house, with Sarah Jane wagging her tail all the way back.


Port St. Lucie Police Department on Facebook

“The saying remains true…A man’s best friend is his dog,” the Port St. Lucie Police Department wrote on their Facebook page.

“I gave her a treat,” grinned Smith. “I love her so much.”


Watch the local news coverage from WPTV-TV below…



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