Vets Makes An Adorable New Ears For Injured Pit Bull, And She Is Now Ready For Adoption

This story speaks about Willy Wonka, a Pit Bull, who arrived at the Sacramento SPCA after being attacked by the dogs of the neighbors as he was stuck in a fence, which caused him to lose his both ears. John Holmquist, vet tech, was able to take care of the dog and made sure that his hearing is fine.

He said that he was very worried that the 2-year-old dog might not have a home as his look was not good. But he ended up with an idea that was magical. The idea was to knit some new ears, which made him look less scary. The Sacramento SPCA shared the story on Facebook with an image of Willy’s new ears.

The story went viral which led many people to come to adopt him. Thankfully, he was finally adopted by a family who already has another dog called Zeus. They are now best friends and doing almost everything together. What a happy ending!

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