Vet Thought That Dalmatian Will Have 3 Puppies, But She Gives Birth To 18

A Dalmatian called Miley, on 18th of May, was becoming a mother for the first time. She and Astor, the father, were enthusiastic to see their all puppies for the first time.

The vet who had done the ultrasound proved that there were 3 pups in Miley’s belly. But, when Miley was ready to deliver and to give birth, Cecilia Langton-Bunkergot, her owner, was completely shocked as she was delivering a really big number of puppies.

She gave birth to 18 pups! That is so huge! And fortunately, they all are in a good health. And this case has the people to remember the animated movie ‘101 Dalmatians’. Watch the video below.

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