Unconventional Best Friends: The Unbreakable Friendship Between Barclay, the Golden Retriever, and a Duck That Defies Expectations. WW

How many heartwarming animal friendships have we witnessed? Most likely, countless. The internet is brimming with adorable interspecies partnerships that debunk the notion that only humans are capable of displaying compassion and inclusion.

Our animal friends are more than capable of forming deep attachments, even across species. And it’s absolutely heart-melting when they do. Some of these extraordinary connections have unfolded right within the walls of our own homes.

Meet Rudy, the duck, and Barclay, the golden retriever, two inseparable companions who share an extraordinary friendship. While their bond initially revolved around food, it’s delightful to see how much time they spend together. Pam Ishiguro, from Orange County, is the proud owner of seven ducks, including Rudy. She recalls how Barclay, her dog, wasn’t particularly thrilled when she first introduced the flock of ducks.

At first, the puppy didn’t pay much attention to the ducks. However, he soon discovered that being friends with them meant access to an endless supply of food—a perk that Barclay thoroughly enjoys, as pointed out by their owner.

Regardless of how they were brought together, the duck and the dog share a genuine and affectionate bond. Even though Rudy takes on the role of the dominant duck and occasionally bosses poor Barclay around, Ishiguro mentions that the two get along quite well.

She describes their relationship as a mix of love and occasional conflict. When they’re together, one of them is constantly chasing or pouncing on the other, and when they’re apart, they frequently call out to each other. It truly sounds like a sibling dynamic at play.

Below, you can watch a heartwarming video capturing the beautiful friendship between Rudy and Barclay.

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