Two-Year-Old Boy Builds Instant Bond With A Puppy With The Same Birth Defect As Him

This story speaks about a 2-year-old boy from Michigan called Bentley Boyers, who’s undergone 2 surgeries as he was born with a cleft palate.

One day, Brandon, Bentley’s dad, went to animal shelter to take 2 chickens, and came across a puppy, who was born with the same defect his son has!

Ashley Boyers, Brandon’s wife, said that her husband called her on FaceTime saying that he wanted to adopt the puppy to give his son power when he knows that his pup and he have something in common!

The Jackson County Animal Shelter said that the 2-month-old pup, whose name hasn’t been released yet, shouldn’t have health problems in future.

What a great idea by the father, who knows what is best for his son! The video below shows the kid’s reaction when he first met the puppy! How emotional! Watch the video below.

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