Two Stray Dogs Found Tied to a Pole Look Out for Each Other at Vet

Two Stray Dogs Found Tied To A Pole Take Care Of Each Other At The Vet

This story is a great example of loyalty and friendship as 2 stray dogs were looking out for each other despite being tied to a pole in Southeast Portland, Oregon.

Thankfully, the dogs, whose original names were Dade and Phillip, have been rescued and found a new forever family, changed their names to Biggie and Smalls.

The younger dog is Biggie, who is chocolate Great Dane mix and aged 6 years old. He was severely underweight when he was found. While Biggie, a white poodle mix, is 8 years old. He had many problems when he was found with massive matted hair and some dental issues.

What let the vet staff of Dove Lewis Animal Hospital know how much the dogs look out for each other was when Biggie went to give Smalls a a “nose-to-nose” kiss in the emergency room!

An assistant vet tech at DoveLewis called Lorri Schinderle said that seeing how worried Biggie was left all the people in the emergency room in tears. Dr. Becca Falender also said that the 2 dogs were very worried about each other!

Thankfully, both dog were taken to Multnomah County Animal Services after being treated. The best thing was that they were both adopted by the same family! The video below shows the dogs’ reaction on their adoption day, which was their best day ever! How great! Watch the video below.

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