Trembling Shelter Dog Scurried Into Corners Or Cowered Under His Bed

When this 3-year-old Dachshund, Fritz, was surrendered to the shelter, he trembled non-stop. If anyone approached, he scurried into the corner or hid beneath his bed. Shelter workers desperately wanted to help calm Fritz, but he wouldn’t let anyone near.


The shelter didn’t know what to do. The dog wasn’t eating enough, could hardly sleep due to his anxiety, and wouldn’t let anyone help him. How could he find a new home in this state? Thankfully a rescue group, SAFE Rescue Team, stepped in to remove him from the stressful environment.


Fritz is now in foster care, where he is learning what it means to live a happy life. No one knows, for sure, what happened to Fritz in his original home, but it must’ve been traumatic. He came to the shelter already in a frightened state. We are so relieved he’s in a stable, warm environment where he can thrive.

Please, if you see any animal being harmed or neglected, reach out to the local authorities. Do not take matters into your own hands! All animals deserve unconditional love!

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