Tiny Puppy Filmed While Pushing Chair So That His Elderly Mom Won’t Fall Down

It is known that dogs are always supportive and helpful to their owners, and they always do whatever they can to make their owner protected and this story is a perfect example that.

While a granny was in her garden doing her garden going her work, her support pup helped her to sit on a chair, according to a video by the India Times. The video is great evidence that dogs are man’s best friends.

After sweeping the floor and watering the plants, the elderly woman wanted to have a break by sitting on the chair. After failing to place her body at the chair, the pup noticed what happened and directly pushed the white chair to make it in its direction before the granny fell on the ground.

Thankfully, the granny was able to sit on the chair safely with the help of the dog. The video directly went viral getting thousands of likes, views, and comments with many people praising the great act of the pup. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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