The rescue force promptly rescued the poor homeless dog trapped in the well for 3 days and regained his life in the most terrifying moment of his life. C

Stray dogs in Thailand are “invisible” for most people. Nobody usually notices when one of them goes missing, but luckily for Simba, a stray dog who lives on the streets of Phuket, Thailand, a good Samaritan who uses to feed the homeless dogs of the area noticed he had been missing for three days.

He immediately went out to look for him, walking the streets of his town far and wide, with no results. Just when he was about to give up, he heard a cry coming from the bottom of a well. Simba was there, standing in the water, hopeless and terrified.

The good Samaritan called the local Soi Dog shelter, and two Animal Rescue Officers rushed to the scene, and managed to save Simba, raising him out of the well with the help of a rope.

“When Simba arrived at the Soi Dog Hospital, we noticed he had no nails left” Dr. Hope, the vet who treated Simba, told Just Something “He’d ripped them all off in his desperate attempts to climb out of his cold, dark prison. The vets immediately treated him with pain relievers and antibiotics, trying to cure the infection that ripping off his nails had caused, and gave him the first meal in three days”.

As you can see from the photos below, Simba made an incredible recovery in just a few weeks, and found in the Soi Dog Foundation a safe place to heal.

Simba is now a healthy and energetic 5-year-old dog, and is up for adoption here, ready to give endless love and kisses to his new forever family.

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