Terrified Of Man, She Made Her Body As Small As Possible & ‘Prayed’ He’d Go Away

With many rescues under his belt, Eldad with Hope For Paws is no stranger to frightened pups. Whether these abandoned animals were dumped by uncaring owners or born on the streets, each pup has their own unique and often heartbreaking story to tell.

This poor pup, who had been living on the streets for some time and was incredibly malnourished and filthy, walked right up to one woman’s porch as if it knew she could help. Thankfully, this kind lady immediately contacted Hope For Paws so that they could come to her aid quickly. This brave dog deserved a chance; it needed saving fast!

Source (Screenshot) credit: The Dodo – YouTube


When Eldad arrived, it was immediately clear that the pup had been paralyzed by fear. He remained motionless in one spot for hours! In order to ensure he would not suffer additional trauma, Elder devised a plan of rescue using his trusty leash and a snare designed with compassion.

Source (Screenshot) credit: The Dodo – YouTube


Even though Eldad was an experienced rescuer, it still seemed impossible to get close enough to the little pup with his lucky leash. Attempting a crafty solution, he managed to weave the snare through the bars of the porch – yet despite his best efforts, luck wasn’t on his side this time around. The doggo had been too stunned even move at first but upon regaining her composure ran quickly off towards a corner of the building and out of reach from any further attempts.

Source (Screenshot) credit: The Dodo – YouTube


She squeezed herself into the corner, attempting to make her petite frame as miniscule as possible. Fearful and perplexed, she was desperate not to be found yet recognized that it would ultimately benefit her health. If only Eldad could prove his benevolence and kindness towards her- he spoke in a soothing manner with an intention of assuring the shivering pup that everything would turn out alright in due time.

Source (Screenshot) credit: The Dodo – YouTube


The scared pup was not easily convinced. She wouldn’t even look Eldad in the eyes, burying her head in the corner with a hope to vanish. Despite this reluctance, he never gave up on his mission: saving this vulnerable dog and giving it what it deserves – hearty meals, medical assistance and eventually a forever home.

Source (Screenshot) credit: The Dodo – YouTube


Despite the pup’s immense fear of being rescued, Eldad and Hope For Paws refused to abandon her. Fortunately, their patience paid off; after much effort, Kenzie was soon on her way to a better life – one filled with unconditional love and all the comforts she could ever want! We are endlessly thankful for these passionate rescuers who never give up on helping animals in need.

If you’d like to see Kenzie’s full INCREDIBLE transformation, click the video below and be sure to watch it until the very end!

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