Starved Dog On His “Own Island” Saw Man On A Kayak, ‘Knew’ He Was His Only Hope

Fernando was kayaking on a small island when he heard heart-wrenching screams and saw a desperately emaciated dog. Knowing the dog wouldn’t survive much longer, he decided to rescue it by bringing it on his boat. The dog was overjoyed and ran towards him as soon as he landed his kayak. Fernando explains in the video how happy the dog looks even though it is extremely skinny.



Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo – YouTube Video


The dog felt safe when he saw someone approaching, which was a relief. It was evident that he had been a domesticated pet before since his tail wouldn’t stop wagging. Sadly, it seemed that someone had intentionally left him on the island, making his situation even sadder. The rescuer needs to take the dog in the kayak, but the pup is frightened of the water. Imagine being stuck on a small island encompassed by water and terrified to encounter it!


Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo – YouTube Video



But then the dog has the nerve to try. He puts his paw on the kayak, but as soon as it begins to move, he withdraws it. Fernando understands that there is no alternative option. To save his life, he will have to get the dog off of the kayak by grabbing him and keeping him on board.

It’s time to get that poor pup out of there safely! Fernando paddles for almost two and a half miles before coming ashore. They wait for help from the rescue team once they’ve reached dry land.



The veterinarian will take him to the clinic and ensure that his health is given immediate attention. He’s starved, suffering from mange, and malnourished. While they wait, it’s time to express your love for this brave dog. Jack receives a lot of pets and hugs. Fernando leaves after the dog has been taken care of safely. He swears he’ll be back – and he does! After five days, Jack, now known as Jack, is in foster care at his new home.

The little guy is overjoyed to see Fernando again. His tail swings wildly and his doggy jumps tell you all you need to know about how happy he is.

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