“Socially Awkward” Dog Stands Still In The Pool While Other Dogs Swim And Play

Dogs, as social creatures, usually take every opportunity to play and interact with other dogs. However, Beya the Chesapeake Bay Retriever would rather do anything but!

In fact, she goes out of her way to avoid her furry friends – making her quite the legend among dog park-goers.

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: CBS Mornings via YouTube Video

Beya’s caretakers at Happy Tails Resort in Virginia first observed her lack of social skills when she arrived at the doggie daycare. In contrast to the other wards who were running and playing fetch with their tennis balls, Beya was standing completely still in the middle of the pool. 😆

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: CBS Mornings via YouTube Video

Through the years, Beya’s distaste for communal swimming has only become more evident.

Although she is kind and gentle, she adamantly refuses to play with her daycare pool buddies who beg her to join in on their fun. It’s not that she can’t swim; rather, for some unexplained reason, the stubborn cutie would much rather stay still in the pool and stare blankly into space while others frolic nearby!


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: CBS Mornings via YouTube Video

Beya cares about nothing and is content with who she is – no wonder she’s been given the title of “non-swimming dog”! She also despises social gatherings, making her the ideal flag-bearer for all introverts!

Click the video below and watch Beya in the pool. We had to watch it twice because she is so darn adorable!


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