Snowmobilers Spotted a Moose Stuck Under Ice and Worked for Hours to Free it – WATCH

Last week, a pair of Anchorage snowmobilers rescued a moose trapped beneath the ice of a frozen creek.

To an Alaskan, a moose is not a cuddly member of the deer family, but rather a very dangerous and ornery animal, yet Andrew Koerner and his friend Terry White wasted no time digging an eight-foot wide hole around the creature to allow it to escape.

“You could just tell by his eyes that he was just so ready to get out of that hole,” Koerner told local news. “That’s when me and Terry looked at each other and were like, we’re not going to leave until this little guy is out of this hole.”

Koerner and White could tell immediately that the moose had been in there awhile. It had rubbed off a lot of the hair on the back of its neck, and looked thin.

It took an hour and a half, during which several passersby stopped to pitch in with the digging, and one even happened to have a sledgehammer to break apart the ice. Finally though, when it was clear the moose had enough room to escape, they gave it some space and time to relax and climb out.


“It felt amazing, it felt great,” said Kroener, who had seen plenty of moose before, just not in such an intimate way.

(WATCH the KTUU video for this story below.)




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