Sniffer Working Dog Is Not Prepared To Say Goodbye To His Retired Trainer

It is known that dogs’ trainers always have a great time with the dogs they train as they the dogs tend to get attached to their trainers. However, this German Shepherd, Bei Bei, who wasn’t ready to let his trainer go, as the trainer had to leave the barracks and retire, is a great example.

You can see that the 7-year-old dog somehow understood what his trainer, Zhang Wei, told him as he he directly started showing refusing to let the trainer leave. When the man got into his truck and pulled away, the dog followed it and jumped up into it!

Sadly, the dog the. followed the truck for more than 3,250 feet! Even when the man bent down and gave the dog kisses to let him calm down, the dog did not let the trainer go! So, the trainer was forced to ask other trainers to take Bei Bei away! How emotional!

Watch the video below.

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