Rescued Chimpanzees Hug Orphaned New Arrival As He Arrives In Sanctuary

A conversation center and chimpanzee sanctuary called The Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection is an organization that is dedicated to care of chimpanzee, they are now taking care of more than four chimpanzees, that are less than five years old.

All of these chimpanzees have been affected by the illegal pet trades and bushmeat in Liberia. Recently, the organization took in Beckley, a young male chimp whose parents died. They helped him and planned to take him to a protected area called the Little Bassa forest, where he would be able to live with other chimps.

Thankfully, after arriving to the organization, some other rescue chimps took him under their care. Zacc and Mary Beauty with the orphaned chimp and even comforted him when he started crying. They really welcomed him in the best way ever so he could feel comfortable in his new home.

The LCRP organization takes in only orphaned chimpanzees after being left by cruel poachers, so they can take care of each other. These chimpanzees will be able to live in a safe and natural environment together where they will never be afraid of getting killed. Watch the video below.

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