Owner Tied Up Pit Bull To A Cart Return, Pit Bull Gets His Revenge

This rescue story is one for the books! Sinatra, a beautiful Pit Bull, was unwanted by his original owner. The cruel man took Sinatra to a pet store and told the employee that he’d like to leave Sinatra with them. The employee explained that they are not an animal shelter and he could not leave Sinatra in their care. But the horrible man had no intention of bringing the dog back home with him. Instead, he tied Sinatra up to the cart return in the parking lot and left him. How deplorable! 

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The pet store called the police for help. One of the officers texted his friend, a 911 dispatcher, because he mentioned that he wanted to adopt a dog. Sinatra was taken to a local animal clinic. 


Source Screenshot: GeoBeats Animals – YouTube

The dispatcher agreed to meet Sinatra but he was uncertain if a Pit Bull would be the right fit for him. When he arrived at the clinic, he heard a loud bang. Sinatra was actually dragging one of the vet techs down the hall. OH NO! But when Sinatra saw the dispatcher, he laid on his back and gave him his belly. It was an instant match made in heaven!

Source Screenshot: GeoBeats Animals – YouTube


Sinatra’s dad gave the pup the most wonderful life. The once-unwanted dog became the center of his new owner’s life. It’s truly an incredible story that can’t be missed!

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