Owner Threatens To Drown ‘Different’ Puppy If No One Adopts Him

A dog owner had two puppies he wanted to get rid of: one, a little girl named Lucy who everyone wanted. She was healthy and adorable, and she was quickly adopted. But as for Stuart, he was a bit different, and no one wanted him. He was blind and had a spine defect, and the owner said he bit at everything. The man said he would drown the puppy if no one adopted him.



Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Zoo Land via YouTube Video


Dennis Mueller ended up seeing the “free to a good home” Facebook post and knew she had to save Stuart. She couldn’t adopt him, but she would foster him until a permanent home could be found. Once in her home, the little pup calmed down and stopped shaking. He quickly blossomed into a loving dog despite his disabilities.

Funds were raised to give Stuart the surgery he needed on his spine, and once he was healing, potential adopters came forward. He’d end up going on to a forever home with people who loved him for who he was. Stuart is now living the life he’d always deserved! 🙂

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