Owner Thought That His Dog Died Two Years Ago, But She Was Found Living Alone In The Mountains

A call came to Animal Control about a skinny dog, who was roaming near the mountains. Hope For Paws also came for help to find the thin dog, who was miraculously alive, and thankfully they were able to find her.

It was obvious that the dog was starving, as she could not resist the cheeseburger that is given to her by the rescuers. The dog was a little bit afraid from the rescuers, who were able to then to capture her.

They took Edna, the dog, to medical facility, where they knew that she has an owner! When they called her owner, she told them that the dog was placed from years in a new home with new owners, who told her that the dog had died! Despite that, her original owner was not even interested to take Edna back!

So, the dog was firstly placed in a foster home, where she got adopted a woman and her daughter. Edna will live new life with kind family! Watch the video below.

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