Owner Spots His Stolen Dog With Strangers And Takes Matters By Himself

Jessica Gary took 2 of her dogs, Fidel and Tito, to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, every Saturday morning for a walk. The woman let her dogs to run for some time in the park. But one day, something unexpected happened, when Fidel, the Chihuahua mix who needs daily medication, was stolen as he was walking behind her. 

Jessica then started looking for her dog all over the park, but to no avail. As she had no idea where to find him, she printed tens of flyers offering $3,000 for anyone who brought him to her safe and sound. She also shared on social media that the suspect was a curly-blonde-hair man in his his 30s. The post directly went viral on Facebook and many people showed their sympathy with her expressing that they hope that she would find him very soon.

Jessica did not intend to give up and she drove all over the street of Brooklyn in hopes she could find Fidel. One of the people who saw the post sent her a message on an area, where she could find her dog. So, she went there along with her friends and she spotted her dog!

After seeing Fidel, she knew that she had to take action herself so, she was able to take Fidel from 2 strangers! She and her friends then got back to the vehicle and locked all the doors to stay safe from the strangers.

One of the strangers chased after Jessica and her friends trying to open the doors of the car. As he was not able to open them, he started hitting the car’s window using a skateboard.

Fortunately, they were able to get away from the strangers, they then went directly to the New York Police Department and told them everything. They told her that she did not steal the dog, but she took her dog back. How brave!

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