New K9 Officers Seen Struggling To Stay Awake During The Swearing-in Ceremony

K9s Bear and Otis were hired by Colorado’s Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office to be therapy animals at local schools recently. The cute puppies were also asked to sit with their little badges and vests for an official photo to mark the occasion.

However, the 2 pups were not the same in spirit to do their job as Bear, the Chocolate Lab, was quieter that Otis, who was more spirited. This was for being younger. During the official swearing-in ceremony of the dogs, their energy levels, that were contrasting, were on full display.

You can see that Bear, who even struggled to stay awake, seemed a bit drowsy while Otis looked bubbly and bright-eyed! However, the both dogs will go on to have fulfilling careers to bring smiles and comfort to the kids in schools. And that’s the main thing. Watch the video below.

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