Mother Cat Honored As She Ran Into A Burning Building Five Times To Save Her Kittens

It is known that mothers do what they can just to keep their babies alive and safe. It is also applied on animals, and this story proves that perfectly.

A mama cat ran into a burning house more than one time to save her babies. The mama touched the noses of her 5 babies just to make sure that they were all breathing after she saving them from the burning building.

The mama cat, that was named Scarlett, was unconscious because of the injuries and the wound after her heroic act. Scarlett and her 5 kittens were also given the medical attention by Brooklyn firefighters.

Sadly, one of them died but the other 4 found forever homes after being treated. Scarlett, who was adopted by a family from Brooklyn, was known as the bravest cat for saving her kittens. She died in 2008 after spending 12 happy years with her family.

The North Shore Animal League named an award after her to honor other heroic animals. What a hero cat.

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