Mom cat carries a newborn kitten to the bed because she does not like the couch

Our cat gave birth to a kitten on the bed. This is the place I chose. We put boxes, beds, houses around the room for her, but every time she shows in every way that she doesn’t like it all and carries the kitten to the bed. Dad cat agrees with everything with his wife.



Some comments from people:

– I woke up to a bed full of kittens one day because mama cat wanted me to guard her babies while she went off somewhere.

– What a cute cat! I love kitties! My oldest, Annie, is 19 now and was born her. Her “younger brother” Freddy Mac is 4 now, also born here. He wants to play with Annie but she says “get off me kid!” LOL He’s starting to mellow out a tiny bit now but he’s a crazy little boy!

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