Meet The Adorable Blue British Shorthair Cat, The Teddy Bear Of The Cat World

There is no wonder why these cats become popular because of their low-drama, calm power levels, friendly nature, and affection teddy bear design.

These British Shorthair cats, that have a long lifespan as they live between 14-20 years in general, weigh in between 7-12 pounds for females, and 9-17 pounds for males.

They also need almost three years to reach their max size.

British Shorthair cats are usually friendly to other animals like birds, rabbits, cats and dogs.

They don’t like sitting on people’s laps as they just bear for a few minutes, that’s why they’re known as four paws on the ground.

The British Shorthair cats in this story have gone viral as they have a very rare fur color which is blue! Blue is very rare in all breeds of cats, but it is really pretty! How Beautiful!

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