Man accompanies his puppy using a cone on his neck

They say that like father, like son and this moment totally reflects it 😆

The most faithful companions that we can find in the world are puppies. No matter where we go or what we do, they will always be with us and if not, they will wait for us. Their unmatched friendship is one of the things that makes us grow fond of them. As well as their tenderness, enthusiasm and innocence that make us want to love and protect them more. That is why when they go through a difficult time, we return them with the same unconditional affection.

As in the case of Ollie, a Labrador who had to undergo surgery after they found a lump on his eyelid. As reported by his owner on the TikTok social network, and he had to wear an Elizabethan collar, that is, one of the famous “cones of shame” to avoid scratching in the area. Ollie had a small bump removed from his eyelid. They examined it and everything went well, “said his owner on his TikTok social network account, @ goog.boy.ollie, and assured that” he is already cured “, so that his followers do not worry.

However, for a puppy it is not comfortable to use these cones for a while. Especially if they attract a lot of attention. That is why the father of the family empathized with him and decided to use one of these cones as well, to accompany him.

The moment was recorded in a video that was uploaded to the social network. Where you can see Ollie sitting on the couch next to the man who wears a cone on his neck just like him. As he receives affection from him and relaxes next to him. “Is it just my dad? No, it’s my dad wearing a cone so my dog feels less alone after his surgery,” the owner wrote in the post’s description.

Which has had more than 2 million views. “I swear it’s always the parents who didn’t want a dog who end up loving them the most,” the woman said in the same post. Users of the social network could not help but be moved by the father’s gesture and even joked about the situation. But praising the man for his compassion.

“Not all heroes wear capes, they wear cones.” “We are in this together,” she said. “This is incredibly sweet”, were some of the comments received by the publication of the social network. The bond that a person can develop with a dog can reach levels like this. For many they are more than a pet, because they are friends and faithful life companions who must also be cared for, respected and loved.

Below you can see the video where this man is seen accompanying his faithful four-legged friend wearing a cone on his head:

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