Lucky Dog Rescued Moments Before Facing the Slaughterhouse


In Vietnam, the unfortunate practice of consuming dog meat is prevalent. As a result, some individuals capture dogs and sell them to slaughterhouses for profit. During a patrol in a residential area, we came across a distressing sight—a girl attempting to sell a helpless dog to a slaughterhouse. Initially, I offered to buy the dog from her, increasing the price from 200,000 VND to 500,000 VND, and then 700,000 VND. However, despite my efforts, she adamantly refused to sell the dog.

Finally, we had no choice but to purchase the dog once again, this time for 900,000 VND, which is approximately 45 USD. The seller demanded an exceptionally high price compared to the local market. However, we had to accept it because we understood the urgency of rescuing the dog before it would otherwise be sold to the slaughterhouse.

Upon closer inspection, we noticed that the dog was tightly and painfully tied up. Although its current state was distressing, it was not as pitiful as it would have been if it had been taken to the slaughterhouse and killed.

Is a loyal animal, a faithful companion, truly deserving of being killed for meat?

Why are some people so merciless and heartless in their treatment of animals?

They had tied the dog up tightly, causing significant pain and distress. Mentally, the dog was in a state of panic.

To comfort the dog, they tried their best to reassure it. The dog’s panic led it to attempt to escape whenever it had the opportunity. Due to its anxiety, it showed no interest in food, even though it must have been hungry.

The plan was to send the dog to a care center where they could find a loving owner for it. After giving the dog a bath to clean off the dirt and foul smell, it eventually became obedient.

The dog is truly stunning, with white spots on its black and brown fur. They are confident that it will find a wonderful owner soon.

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