Lonely Truck Driver Finds Stray Cat, Adopts It And Makes Him His Co-Pilot

This story speaks about a sweet cat called Percy and his truck driver owner, Paul Robertson, who loves his cat more than anything. After losing Howie, his cat, in 2017, Paul, who loves animals so much, was left heartbroken.

By days, Paul decided to have another cat to let his heart be back to life again. So, he went to the same animal shelter he adopted Howie from. Before getting in the shelter, he met a ginger cat, that was injured, on the streets.

It was obvious that Percy had been through some fights as a tooth of his was missing and there was an injury above one of his eyes. Seeing that Paul knew that he had to adopt Percy as he felt that he was the right canine for him.

After creating a great bond with Percy, Paul made the cat his long-haul trips companion. It was an easy thing for Percy, who directly adapted to his new lifestyle. He really loves going out to watch the world from the truck. The 2 friends are now doing almost everything together. How great! Watch the video below.

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