Kefir the Maine Coon Cat is So Big People Mistake Him For a Dog


Meet “the world’s biggest cat,” a kitty so large people think it’s a dog—and he’s still growing.

The oversized puss belongs to Yulia Minina, who lives in the small Russian town of Stary Oskol.

She bought Kefir—named after a popular, milky fermented drink—almost two years ago as a little Maine Coon kitten. Now she says most people think Kefir is a dog.

Yulia explains of her pet, “I couldn’t imagine an ordinary kitten could become so big. He’s very smart though, and always behaves calmly.

While Kefir has a formidable appearance, she says he is a very affectionate cat.


“When friends and acquaintances come to the house—all the attention is on him and he willingly allows himself to be stroked.

”But when strangers come to the house, everyone confuses him with a dog.


Kefir does have one tricky habit. At night, he likes to climb on Yulia and sleep. “When he was a kitten, it didn’t cause me any inconvenience,” she says. ”But now he has become big and heavy, of course it’s difficult to sleep like that.”


Kefir is now one year and ten months old and weighs 12.5 kg (28 pounds).


It’s expected that, as a Maine Coon, he’ll continue to grow until the age of three or four.


Questioned whether Kefir is really as big as he seems, Yulia has just one thing to say: “I don’t use Photoshop.”

So there you have it.

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