‘Impatient’ Husky Throws Temper-Tantrum When Mom Asks Him To Wait 5-Mins For Walk

Every day, Cody the Husky is very specific about when and how he wants his afternoon walk to go. Mom loves taking him out for a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood; however, some days she just doesn’t have enough stamina left in her. But that never stops Cody! He adamantly insists on getting his beloved daily exercise no matter what it takes – and mom can always count on having an adventure with him at least once per day!

Source (Screenshot) credit: Rumble.com via YouTube


In the video below, Cody’s frustrations become more and more apparent as his mom pauses their daily walk for a few extra moments of rest. Mom pleads with her pup to grant her five additional minutes of slumber; however, she has overused this “5-more-minute” excuse in the past – so the dog proceeds to create an uproar!

Bellowing until he gets what he desires, Cody launches into a relentless temper tantrum that leaves Mom little choice but comply.

Source (Screenshot) credit: Rumble.com via YouTube


As Cody fervently paced around Mom’s bed, refusing to compromise and demanding that she take her walk immediately, his howling rage only grew louder. In a lighthearted manner, Mom asked him teasingly: “Five minutes in Husky time is like one hour, huh?” After pausing for contemplation on this rhetorical inquiry, an amazed Cody replied with an enthusiastic awooooo! 😆

Source (Screenshot) credit: Rumble.com via YouTube


Cody’s hilarious reaction to Mom’s “Hold your horses” had us laughing so hard! He certainly has a wickedly sharp sense of humor. Watching Cody zoom around the house, frantically trying to convince his mom was indisputably the most adorable thing we’ve seen today!

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