His Dog Stops And Stares At The Person He Hasn’t Seen For 3-Years

Many dog owners often find themselves wondering if their pets would remember them after an extended period of time spent apart. But dogs are incredibly smart and loyal creatures, capable of amazing feats. The video below finally answers the question once and for all.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Lazy Owly via YouTube Video


Three years is a long time for anyone, let alone a dog. His mom leashed him and brought him to the airport to wait for his dad to step off the plane. As soon as they turned around, there he was. The dog stopped and stared at his owner before running over to them in excitement.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Lazy Owly via YouTube Video


The dog’s whimpers transition into cries of joy as it jumps all over Dad to welcome him home with kisses. Everyone in the airport terminal stops to watch the scene play out;

They can’t help but feel touched by the moment. It’s clear that this is a reunion full of love and happiness. Click and watch the video below!


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