German Shepherd Family Refused To Leave The Dumpster Where They Last Saw Their Owners

A call came to Lisa Reams, the director of SGAR (Saving Grace Animal Rescue) about 2 abandoned dogs at a dumpster in Yazoo, Mississippi. So, she directly went to the scene to help them.

But she was completely surprised when she arrived on the scene after finding 2 other pups in need along with the 2 adult dogs. So, she lured the the adults to her vehicle, and they directly went there so did the pups.

Reams then took the 4 dogs to the veterinary clinic, where they knew that the both adults, Jenny and Luke, had positive heartworm tests, but fortunately they are completely treatable, and the pups, Miles and Phoenix were completely healthy.

After treating the adults, it was the time to find forever homes or at least foster homes for the dogs. Anyway, all the dogs were taken to NYC Second Chance Rescue to raise their chances of finding a permanent home. They are still there and available for adoption or fostering.

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