Friends Beg Veterinarian To Adopt Blind, Deaf Puppy Who Comes With A Quirk

Melissa Shapiro is a tenderhearted veterinarian. She’s also a mom to 7 rescue dogs, including Piglet, who is blind and deaf. When Georgie was found abandoned on a sidewalk, friends sent Melissa messages begging her to take him in. The tiny pup is also deaf and blind, and they knew Melissa was Georgie’s soul-human. Melissa finally gave in with a stipulation.


Georgie was welcomed into the Shapiro home but as a foster. Melissa admits, however, that he quickly became a foster fail. The family’s connection to Georgie was too strong to sever! As Georgie settled into his home, his spunky side emerged. When he gets playful, he does this little dance that is undeniably adorable! He uses mapping to figure out the lay of the land. Even though he can’t see or hear, he manages to stay beside Melissa when they go on walks.


Georgie’s most adorable quirk is when he maps out where one of his dog siblings is located. He runs full-tilt with his paws out, ready to play, but the other dog has moved. He bounces back and forth, playing with… himself. He’s playing with no one, thinking someone is there. Melissa laughs hysterically every single time!

You have to meet Georgie and witness his larger-than-life personality. His story will make your whole body smile! Scroll down to the video, and press play 🙂


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